Ultra-Fast Gigabit Internet

FTTP (Fibre to the premises) brings full fibre directly to your building. With no copper to slow data down, FTTP networks can easily run at gigabit speeds – that’s up to 1000Mbps and beyond – ideal for remote backups, data heavy cloud services and VoIP.

With a full fibre connection directly to your business premises you will have access to symmetrical, gigabit capable, upload and download speeds, increasing efficiency and productivity. As your upload and download speed is symmetrical this connectivity is a real bonus for video conferencing and for sharing large files (broadcast, graphics, design, video etc).

Working with CityFibre’s purpose built full fibre and duct network we provide a service independent from all other infrastructure providers, making it ideal for those seeking resilience or a fresh, agile alternative to existing suppliers.

We’re in the middle of a digital revolution

Across the UK, the rise of new technologies and cloud services are radically transforming the way we live and work. Government, businesses and citizens are increasingly aware of the importance of digital infrastructure. Our digital connectivity is either a barrier to growth and innovation or a catalyst for economic and social development.

City-wide fibre network

As a CityFibre partner we are committed to providing public and private sector gigabit connectivity; With a city-wide full fibre network available to businesses, schools and colleges throughout the city, Milton Keynes is now home to the next generation of digital infrastructure

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