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Asset Tracking and Device Management Solutions

Slash the problem of missing/lost mobile devices while automating their issue and return. Enable both operations and IT teams to make wise decisions around mobile devices that drive better productivity and cost reductions using mobile device management.

According to research from leading rugged mobile device manufacturer Zebra Technologies, organisations lose between 12% and 15% of their mobile device estate per annum.

Additionally, the operational overhead per single shift in issuing out and receiving back shared devices in a typical organisation represents at least 50% of the average device cost every single year.

Working with Waizu, CMC will greatly reduce lost or missing devices in your business and automate the issue in/out process to put significant money back on your bottom line.

What is mobile device management?

At a high level, mobile device management or MDM encompasses systems and software to deploy, administer and locate mobile devices.

When we hear the word mobile we often think of the smartphone in our pocket. Mobile device management is intended to keep track of any device that is portable. For most businesses this will include laptops and tablets, too. A distribution and logistics company will also want to keep track of code scanners, label printers, wearables and so on.

The portable devices we rely on is growing so a mobile device management solution has become a necessity.

Zebra TC26 rugged mobile device

Why use mobile device management?

Mobile devices have a lifespan. Battery capacity and condition will wane over time. Even rugged mobile devices will suffer from wear and damage if mistreated. And inevitably devices will go missing and be lost.

When you have hundreds or thousands of mobile devices to keep track of MDM can offer savings of time and money. From a centralised system you can manage device lifecycle with proactive insights and timely replacements. It will significantly reduce overheads for missing or lost devices. And use it to track device location, measure application usage and overall system capacity.

Our partners in MDM


CMC’s recently announced partnership with Waizu will extend our mobile device management capabilities. Waizu is a provider of solutions to reduce lost and missing mobile devices including the industry leading ‘Device Finder’ application. CMC can provide solutions utilising the entire Waizu Software Suite, including Device Finder, Virtual Smart Cabinet and the Waizu Analytics Platform.

Mobile technology sits at the centre of what we do, so the Waizu platform provides an ideal fit for our mobile device services. Customers tell us that they lose between 8% and 13% of their mobile devices per annum. Our solution with Waizu can dramatically reduce this percentage, adding thousands of pounds back to the operational bottom line. Additionally, as Waizu removes the need for any kind of manual issue-out/receipt-in of devices or hard copy recording, the daily productivity gains are extremely compelling. Amazingly, the ROI on this solution is typically just 18-22 weeks.

Stray mobile scanning device in a warehouse full of palleted goods

Zebras on charge in Waizu VSC

Device Finder by Waizu

Device Finder automatically alerts you when a mobile device has been misplaced or is inactive and therefore potentially missing, sounding an audible alert to help you to pinpoint its exact location. You can also use Device Finder via an Android tablet or Android mobile phone to identify the last known location of the mobile device and to trigger an audible alert, helping you to locate it quickly.

Virtual Smart Cabinet by Waizu

Virtual Smart Cabinet (VSC) provides an extremely robust system to capture device user, location, duration and usage data. It can save you thousands of pounds by slashing the cost of issuing out and receipting back shared mobile devices. VSC also enables you to containerise any type of location and automate the issue and receipt back of devices within it meaning rooms, shelves, charging stations, wall racks can all become a ‘virtual’ cabinet.

Zebra Technologies

CMC has for several years been partnered with Zebra Technologies. This enables us to provide cost effective fit-out solutions for warehouse storage and logistics companies. Zebra’s range of products cater for the most demanding environments. Including rugged mobile devices, wearables, code scanning guns and touch devices. As Zebra says, ‘Everyone and everything: Visible, Connected and Optimised.’

How much does mobile device management cost?

That’s a good question and we’d love to answer that for you. We’ll need to know roughly the size of your premises, number of devices and users. Please give our team a call today to start a conversation about mobile device management for your business.

CMC Technology Group is based in Milton Keynes, providing mobile device management in localities such as Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, and with easy access to the M1 we’re able to service much of England and Greater London.

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