Lease Financing

Spread the cost of your IT equipment with our help. We work closely with specialist leasing companies in order to provide our clients with access to the latest technology through affordable finance arrangements.

The benefits

Finance leases are ideal for equipment that quickly loses it’s value or is likely to become obsolete (such as IT). Payments are spread across a fixed term and you then have a choice about whether to keep your equipment, sell it, or upgrade to the latest gear and continue leasing.

From a cash-flow perspective leasing is an attractive option however you will pay more than if were to purchase outright. Leasing is also beneficial from a budgetary point of view and allows greater flexibility when the finance terms ends.

Although you don’t own the equipment, you are responsible for maintaining and insuring it.

You must show the leased asset on your balance sheet as a capital item, or an item that has been bought by the company.

What type of lease are you looking for; a finance lease or an operating lease?

With a finance lease the equipment is considered an asset on your balance sheet, and you get the benefits such as tax depreciation and risks, including obsolescence, of ownership.

With an operating lease , the leasing company retains ownership, and for tax purposes, the equipment is considered a monthly operating expense rather than a depreciable asset. Operating leases are usually short-term–three years or less.

Operating leasing

If you are considering operating leasing, remember the following points:

What can I lease?

Laptops, Desktop PCs, Servers, Monitors, Printers, Tablets, Phones, Software.

We understand that different business have different needs. Technological needs change over time. Wherever your business is at, we can provide a technology solution to meet your needs.