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Whether you are interested in enhancing your digital workflow or improving the effectiveness of your visual communications, Wacom Business Solutions is here to help you. Our devices are reliable, durable, and easy to use. We can help you find the right partner for software and integration services. And if you want to develop your own software, we can help you with software development kits as well.

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Wacom Clipboard

With the Wacom Clipboard, your customers fill out paper forms like they always have. What is different? Those documents are converted to digital format in real time and can be uploaded immediately for easy document management. Better still, no scanning is necessary and biometric handwritten signatures can be captured and attached to the digital document.

  • Authoring tool makes it easy to lay out forms documents and create corresponding digital version.
  • The barcode scanner integrated into the smartpad helps automatically sync the paper form with its digital version
  • Customers can still fill out familiar paper forms (A4 or letter size) on the electronic clipboard.
  • Secure, biometric eSignatures can be included with the digital document.
  • Handwritten data can be captured and converted using handwriting recognition.
  • Organisations benefit from archiving and accessing digital documents.

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