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Public Sector

The Move to Mobile

Mobile technologies are creating new momentum in the public sector. As wireless technology becomes faster and more organisations are experiencing the benefits of cloud computing, the public sector can achieve its goals to being more efficient whilst improving citizen services.
Mobile technology has the power to reshape citizen engagement, generating entirely new dialogues between citizens and government organisations. It can also empower staff, enhance productivity and provide new paradigms of flexible working.

Government Unplugged - Technology and Transformation

The Government Transformation Strategy 2017-2020 highlights that for transformation to be achieved, it’s important to build better tools and processes for civil servants.

At CMC, we believe that mobile communication technologies can be the catalyst to the deep digital transformation that the public sector needs. It opens up pathways for government to reach more citizens than ever before, connecting with people in more meaningful and agile ways.

CMC empowers the public sector to access services anywhere, anytime, and on the move

With mobile technology at its heart, we support the public sector in the shift towards being more transparent, secure and collaborative. And the opportunities are vast. From transforming the workforce, ensuring data security is integral to its design to offering the means for staff and citizens to access services anywhere, anytime, and on the move, our mobile communication technology goes beyond boundaries and limitations.

How the public sector benefit from CMC mobile technologies

CMC mobile communication technologies are at the forefront of the digital revolution, with the ability to redesign government working in the following ways:

  • Improves staff productivity and workflow
  • Harnesses mobile technology enable greater interaction between government and service users
  • Supports new ways of working with mobile innovations
  • Ensures data on mobile devices is stored, shared and managed compliantly
  • Increases efficiency for remote/ field-based staff