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The Senator Group Furniture

As a supplier of telephone systems and IT hardware we are frequently asked what office furniture we would recommend to compliment the new tech our customers buy from us. When we moved offices ourselves we decided to go for a complete refresh of our own office furniture. We wanted a blend of style, functionality and comfort with a decent range of options so we could cater for the various departmental configurations required. We selected The Senator Group who were able to provide the space planning and advice we needed. We were so impressed with the whole experience that we decided to embark on a partnership with them so that we could offer their products and services to our customers and provide an effective ‘one stop shop’.
We know from experience that the layout and furniture in your office can play a key part in how well your technology and equipment works.  Having a fancy new bit of kit is great, but where is it going to sit in your office? Where will the cables run?  Can the equipment be positioned somewhere accessible? CMC provide quality office furniture by Senator that is high on style and practicality.

Space Planning

We offer a Space Planning service to show you how furniture can be positioned in your office to maximise comfort and ensure that all of your IT equipment and cabling is safe and accessible. It’s the perfect way of seeing how it’s all going to work before you buy.

Under One Roof

This ‘all under one roof’ approach, means that if you’re upgrading your existing office, adding a whole new team or even relocating to new premises, we can get the job done from end to end with the least amount of disruption.

Office Ready In An Instant

Desks in, phones in, computers in, broadband set up – you’re good to go.

Robust, practical and built for comfort

We don’t sit still as we work. We reach, tilt and lean and i-Workchair has been ergonomically designed to support these movements. In addition the back has the ability to flex and move even when in a locked position, as well as supporting a level of sideways and rotational actions that facilitates good spinal health as we sit and work.
i-Workchair utilises a multi layered approach combining a technical fabric that sandwiches a 3D perforated foam core. This optimises user comfort whilst allowing excess heat to vent away from the back muscles, discouraging fatigue.
The arms of the seat can be the key to supporting the entire upper body, but given the diversity in users, most chair arms fail to respond well and often become obstructions. In designing i-Workchair the concept of 4D arms that are truly multi adjustable has been integrated throughout the process with the alternative option of a multi-functional arm. Adjustments are able to cater for individual requirements but beyond this, support a diverse range of working styles and tasks.

We can transform your office.

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