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Document Logistic Case study

CMC ITDocument Logistic Case study

An interview with Tim Cowel, Technical Director/CIO

Can you tell us a little about your business?

Document Logistix develops software for document management and workflow. Established in Milton Keynes in 1996, we now employee 30 people in the UK and also have a small office in Austin, Texas. We automate and formalise document flows for clients, finding efficiencies in their business processes. Disaster recovery and compliance are also key client drivers.

What issues did you have?

Our full time IT manager emigrated to Austrailia, so we needed to either find a replacement or outsource. It was essential to keep our existing systems running and improve them, yet still have the resource to work with out increasingly complex and demanding customers.

Why did you choose CMC?

We had some history with CMC who had provided out mobiles – we knew that they offered IT/network services. After a few meetings to explore what they could do for us, we signed for a six month trail – but we were confident that they would deliver.

What did they do for you?

We wanted IT support and infrastructure development above all, replacing our complex systems which had evolved piecemeal over time with a better planned, more reliable structure what was fault tolerant, to improve disaster recovery capabilities. Having audited and documented our legacy systems, CMC are rationalising, replacing and improving our IT infrastructure and supporting this with remote monitoring and site visits.

They have also replaced our old phones with a new VoIP System that allows up to intergrate our Austin Office with our internal network, improving both cost and efficiency.

What are they like to work with?

CMC have a deep skill set that covers a wide range of ares. We have the utmost confidence in Simon and his team – so on the whole it is working for us.

In all relationships things are not perfect all the time, but CMC listen when have had concerns, respond positively with constructive actions, turning the situation around quickly to ensure our needs are met. I have already recommended CMC to another local business and would do so again if I am asked to suggest a good local IT supplier.