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The Worlds First Emoji Password…

CMC CommunicationsStrategy The Worlds First Emoji Password…

The Worlds First Emoji Password…

CMC are proud to announce that a client of ours has created a ground breaking piece of software that uses emojis instead of a passcode!

A British company by the name of Intelligent Environments claims that this new way to access your device and accounts is much more secure than the traditional 0-9 number pad because you’re able to do many more combinations with the 44 emojis!

Intelligent Environments has been approached by some digital banks with interest in the idea and with the technology getting a lot of attention, it’s not hard to see why.

When a user has emojis instead of text or numbers, it’s much easier to remember. Humans are brought up and function by remembering pictures better than sequences of number/letters. This is because the brain processes images much faster than text. In fact, 60,000 times faster… [1] This can also be because a picture can evoke an emotional response a lot easier than a section of text.

“I think this is an interesting and potentially valuable step forward,” he said.

“If we persist in using passwords, which seem to be here for a while yet, we need to recognise how humans think and make these as easy to remember as possible

“The combinations and permutations present a would-be hacker with having to run through a number of cycles that is even greater than they do for so-called dictionary attacks.

“But I’m sure there are hackers who will work on breaking into these systems so I think it still makes sense to have some sort of two-factor authentication.”

CMC wishes Intelligent Environments all the best success with their emoji security project!