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Keeping your business connected.
With the advent of super-fast broadband and Cloud technologies, it is now possible to do business anytime, anywhere, provided your business has the right infrastructure. We call it ‘cloud-ready infrastructure’ and it’s about taking a joined-up view of how your mobile, landline and computer technologies work together. Over the last 5 years we have expanded our services so that we can offer a unified approach to communications technology.

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IT Support

We understand what makes a business tick.  It’s all about the connections and systems that keep your people in touch with one another and make it easy to share information.

But what happens when you lose your internet connection?
Or your phones can’t handle a spike in call volumes?
Or your field staff can’t connect to your database?
Or your IT Manager is on annual leave?

Business grinds to a halt pretty quickly without a reliable infrastructure, the right back-up and the technical expertise to fix problems in a jiffy.  That’s where we come in.  Based in Milton Keynes, we have a team of 15 engineers and a wealth of technical know-how on tap, ready to support your business and keep it ticking over.

It’s a cost-effective way of ensuring your business runs smoothly, even when the unexpected happens.  We can act as your outsourced IT support team, providing back-up, disaster recovery and rapid response to day-to-day technical issues (either remotely or onsite).  We will help you implement and maintain the right infrastructure for your business now, and as it grows.


Back Up and Continuity

Our solutions provide back up and continuity, come with guaranteed response times and comply with insurance policies and corporate governance demands.


Data Protection & Security

Minimise the risks from threats such as data loss, corruption or theft all with the help of our Data Protection and Security Services.


Cloud Ready Infrastructure

Cloud reduces running costs, improves network performance and provides extra security and protection with disaster recovery and backup strategies.


Networked Managed Systems

Deciding on the right managed services partner ensures you have all of the technical skills, resources and experience you need, but only when you need them.