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With the advent of super-fast broadband and Cloud technologies, it is now possible to do business anytime, anywhere, provided your business has the right infrastructure. We call it ‘cloud-ready infrastructure’ and it’s about taking a joined-up view of how your mobile, landline and computer technologies work together. Over the last 5 years we have expanded our services so that we can offer a unified approach to communications technology.

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Dealing with Malware inside your Network

CMC CommunicationsTechnology Dealing with Malware inside your Network

Dealing with Malware inside your Network

It is extremely important that you keep your network protected against malicious software including viruses. Using a Firewall and GAV (gateway antivirus) are both good ways to protect you from external threats. However threats from the internet are only half the battle, but what about the threats inside the network?

Malware like viruses, Trojans, worms and types of spyware can all enter your network without the use of the internet. Devices like smart phones, tablets and the deadly USB can all hold a threat to your network. In a study by the US Department of Homeland Security, they found that 60% of government employees that find a USB memory stick will plug it into their computers even though they have no idea where it came from. The study also found that if the device had an official looking logo the usage rate went up to 90%.

The issue is not that all your employees are looking to cause any harm, but the fact that as humans, we are curious and VERY nosey! In most cases non-internet malware is caused by someone who is completely innocent and simply has no idea. Because of this it is very hard to share awareness or caution.

There are software solutions that are installed onto every computer and device in the network. The software simply uses a single scan to control any unwanted applications. In relation to a guest computer trying to join the network they will be scanned and assessed before they join the network. This is a great way to help protect your network from malware; you might not know how nosey your staff are…

All types of malware have the potential to cost your company money, in some cases you may not have any idea. An efficient approach to security will help to minimise this threat and allow you company to grow.